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PURE Assembly


Four Winds Field

501 W South St,  South Bend,  IN  46601
Time: 6:00 PM



Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 6:00 PM


Imagine with me....
A day that believers come together and pray.
From every corner of our region God's people come and kneel before the living God. First:To seek repentance for our
sins. Second: That Jesus would be glorified in our homes.
As a result of doing these 2 things communities will change.
But first we have to be desperate. Desperate for the one true God to heal our land. To heal our people and to heal us as individuals.

Imagine with me the church of Northern Indiana coming together and praying at a the Four Winds Baseball Stadium this fall. God's people coming as the bride of Christ before the one true King.
Brothers and sisters in Christ hugging and establishing new relationships and no longer feeling like your ministry is on a Island.
After the event we will go back to our homes and our congregations. However the status quo will change. We will seek each other in the Kingdom. No longer seeking division like our enemy desires, but we will seek unity...multiplication ...as our Lord prayed when he was with His disciples.

I don't know all of the answers to what will happen, but I ask that you will go on this journey with me. A journey of self reflection, a journey to see the very spiritual air of our community change.

I ask that you would  Imagine this with me.... I ask that you would pray and seek ways to make this a reality.

I pray that you will.....

Kevin L. Mitschelen

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Location Detail


PURE Assembly

501 W South Street

South Bend, IN 46601

Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 6:00 PM

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Kevin Mitschelen, Pastor

City Chapel,
South Bend, IN

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Gil Michel, Pastor

That Church Downtown,
South Bend, IN

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Event Goals


We want to be able to come to the throne of Grace together on behalf of our region!


If we are honest with ourselves as a church, we have not fully turned from our ways of self-preservation.  What would it look like if we the church truly repents and turn from our ways unto His ways?


There is a power and an anointing that is reserved for us all when we gather together in unity.  A blessing is commanded and we do so much more together than we do apart.


There are gifts that are sometimes locked up within a congregation and are not being utilized.  There is so much potential when a storehouse of gifts, talents, abilities and callings are made available region-wide.